Wedding Celebration Trends for 2022

With the 2020 and 2021 wedding seasons in the books - the Infinity Park Event Center is already seeing an uptick in wedding celebrations for 2022.

Between the pandemic and the aftermath, many couples in ‘20 and ‘21 went forward with either a mini wedding celebration or postponed until 2022. This has created a high demand for venues.

Couples are now ready to bust out of those restrictions from the past couple of years and host even bigger celebrations. According to The New York Times, weddings will be at a 40+ year high with over 2.5 million celebrations being planned just in the U.S. 

Some trends that we are seeing as the year is evolving:

  • Big wedding celebrations with large guest list
  • Digital communication with guests
  • Muted colors & special design features
  • Fancy foods

Couples are ready to celebrate their union with a huge party, with plenty of amenities. Trends are showing that big spaces like ballrooms and even outdoor venues are popular. It’s a go big or go home type of attitude after being limited in so many life choices over the past two years.

According to a 2021 study by, 36% of couples still said “I Do” during the pandemic with many non-newlyweds hoping to host a bigger celebration when restrictions are lifted. 

Are you looking for a big celebration space? The International Ballroom at Infinity Park’s Event Center can accommodate up to 650 guests in a banquet seating configuration and up to 1,200 for a celebration reception. 

The last couple of years created an environment of uncertainty when it came to dates and restrictions. Couples discovered that they could send “Save the Date” invites and have options if details and dates changed. For a generation that is in tune environmentally, electronic communication can save on printing costs and mailing. There are several sites that make it easy to send electronic messages for couples including: Paperless Post, GreenVelope, and WithJoy.

Engaged couples can also link to their wedding site or to a page where guests can find more details about the venue, hotels and other activities that may be planned around the wedding date. 

According to The Knot, muted colors like green, light blue and peachy pink are hot trends this year. Couples are also planning celebrations with huge flower arrangements, special furniture, and decor with lights that create a romantic feel. Couples that are looking for a personalized experience can take advantage of 360-degree screens in the Infinity Park Event Center ballroom. The screens can share favorite themes, colors, photos and even video to entertain guests and create the desired ambience for the special day.

Food has always been a driver of family, celebration, and love! Zola lists a number of menu ideas for a couples special day. From themed buffets to food trucks, the traditional plated chicken dish isn’t customary anymore. 

With the appropriate licensing, some event spaces like ours allow for outside food to be a part of the special day. If your grandma has a restaurant that serves that special mac and cheese, that is fair game to land on your menu in our space as long as you receive approval while the event is being planned.  

Couples have turned to their favorite dessert instead of going with a traditional wedding cake. Some venues also let couples incorporate special bar drinks as supporting cast members to a themed evening. It’s okay to be different, the only caveat is keeping guests in mind. As is so often now, some guests have particular allergies or cultural restrictions that they follow in regard to their diets. Know your people and you’ll be fine. 

The best part about planning your special day is finding a venue and staff that understand your vision. If you are looking for a place that you can transform into your dream space, and one with a lot of room, Infinity Park Event Center is ready to give you a tour.

2022 Wedding Trends Infographic

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