Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Virtual events are here to stay and with state-of-the-art video capabilities, our virtual production can be tailored to your specific conference or event.

It’s been a year plus now since we all started working in an enhanced virtual world. From events to conferences to meetings and let’s not forget school— all things virtual kicked into high gear in Spring 2020. A number of things had to change in order for online events to be accessible for all. 

Since the start of the pandemic in February 2020, 29% of broadband users say they have done something to improve the speed, reliability or quality of their high-speed internet connection at home, according to a study constructed by Pew Research. With parents working from home and kids participating in remote learning, broadband packages needed an upgrade to accommodate the WIFI use.

While many have taken steps to improve their online service and prepare for digital events, where does that leave us in terms of 2022 and what we should be doing to promote communication and virtual opportunity for companies and individuals?


virtual meeting at Infinity Park Event Center

Since 2020 companies in the U.S. have changed their focus on where employees are located for their jobs. According to a survey by TalentWorks as reported on Real Wire, 76% of companies say that hiring is no longer city dependent when considering candidates. 

This new way of thinking has impacted the necessity for virtual meetings. 

When the VP of Sales is living in Montana and direct reports are scattered across the U.S. from Eastern to Pacific time zones, how do you schedule team meetings?

Technology becomes essential to the communication process. Do you need help pulling everyone together for a meeting or quarterly update?

With a broadcast trained production team at Infinity Park Event Center, we have the necessary equipment and knowledge to help your virtual or offsite team meeting operate as smooth as possible. We can help you pull the team together through technology that helps bridge that gap that distance can often create.


virtual conferences at Infinity Park Event Center

According to Bloomberg, some companies like Google, Ford and Citigroup have promised greater flexibility for their workers while others feel not being in the office affects collaboration and culture. A number of companies don’t want to pressure workers to travel when the Coronavirus is flaring up at an unprecedented rate.

Many associations are still planning in person conferences while others are happy to provide an alternative to attendees by creating a ticket for online access. Hybrid events are here to stay and providing a robust content and session strategy is key to making them successful. According to research conducted by Dialpad, “Those who are video conferencing are missing four factors with their current software: the ability to integrate with other tools, the ability to join and launch meetings without upgrading software, the ability to meet on any device and real time transcriptions.”

Infinity Park Event Center has the technology to help integrate systems together to help host a seamless conference. With state-of-the-art video capabilities our virtual conference production can be tailored to your specific needs.


virtual events at Infinity Park Event Center

Hosting a virtual fundraising event can be a challenge. You may have a diverse audience with a number of technical challenges, and no experience with planning a program that is served virtually.

Last year Infinity Park Event Center helped several charities to meet their fundraising goals by incorporating broadcast elements, virtual hosts straight from our ballroom and video streaming capabilities that went directly to the audience.

Events included a Virtual Fiesta hosted by Clinica Tepeyec Community Health Center and a graduation celebration held for Denver Global that included organizers on-site and participants from New Zealand and Australia video conferencing in. 

We know firsthand that it can be done. We have the right team to help. 

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