Success for Charities During COVID-19

Last year could potentially be labeled the biggest time of need for all of humanity. Lost income meant food and housing insecurity for families around the United States. With people worried about their own essentials and safety are they open to donating to a cause?

Even with the disappearance of income, some Americans were charitable towards non-profits. According to a study by Fidelity Charitable, 25 percent of donors surveyed planned to increase donations during 2020 with 54 percent planning to maintain their regular donation level.

How can your charity capitalize on these generous donors? Charities are working overtime right now figuring out just that. Here are three ideas for engaging a giving community.


Planning a virtual event for a non profit

It is important to tell the story of your charity. Storytelling is the best way to get in front of donors to show how their donation will champion a cause. A good example of this is Children’s Hospital in Denver. The foundation for the hospital sends direct communication to subscribers at least twice a week, and occasionally connects more often than that. The foundation has also identified children who are ambassadors for the charity. The short stories and photos related to this charity help to tell why this is important. Childhood cancer and disease is a very real thing, and with donations children’s lives are positively impacted. The foundation does an excellent job of telling us the stories of these children and how brave they are to face these life challenges.


We make it easy for non profits to host virtual events.

Make it easy for donors to open their wallets. There are a number of donation formats for charities. Donation of goods, stocks, placement in a will, corporate partnerships, fundraisers, your time and good old cash are a few ways of creating a space for different opportunities for donation. The Dumb Friends League shares an easy approach to donation. You can make a cash donation, donate supplies through an Amazon shopping list or even donate a vehicle. 

An important part of accepting a donation is showing appreciation. Some donors don’t need recognition while others do. Understanding supporters and acknowledging them when something special happens is a key to success.


woman playing violin at a fundraiser at Infinity Park Event Center

Interest in a common goal helps to create community. Even with COVID restrictions, you can still get together! Infinity Park Event Center can help you by hosting your virtual fundraising event. It might be virtual but there is still something about coming together as a group to support a charity loved by all. Bring your charitable platform to us and we can help integrate the technology needed to put your event together and help make it seamless. If you need a host, auction environment, or room for speakers, we can help accommodate all of your needs. Our ballroom is waiting with cameras and equipment needed to set the tone and create a space for a fundraiser that will be successful.

No matter what you decide to do to create a donation space for your charity, the Infinity Park Event Center is here to help you achieve your goals.

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