Not Your Average Ballroom

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “ballroom”?

Ballrooms are stuffy. The first thing that comes to mind is a large, carpeted room with a chandelier, uncomfortable chairs and old furniture. There are also probably a few poles or columns spread periodically throughout the space. It’s a bland room at a country club or a hotel that provides someone with enough space to run their event, but not exactly the way they want. Most ballrooms come with walls in colors that can’t be changed and outdated carpet complete with a design that might not match your theme.

Fundraising event at Infinity Park Event Center

The word ballroom is hardly ever associated with fun. That’s not the case at the Infinity Park Event Center.

Our International Ballroom is different because it’s not your average ballroom. Throw out that image of a stuffy ballroom that you have in your mind and open up your imagination because anything is possible at the Infinity Park Event Center.

Picture an 8,600 square foot space that can be transformed into almost anything that you can dream of.

Quinceañera celebration at Infinity Park Event Center

Banquets, proms, galas, receptions, conferences, award shows, fundraisers, fashion shows, and e-sports tournaments are all possible in our ballroom. Those are all examples of successful events that have taken place between our four walls but represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities of this unique space.

Once you design your idea for your dream event, we will do our part to help make it come true.

Those pesky poles that eat up valuable space in ballrooms that other venues tout don’t exist in our space. That 8,600 square foot room is your canvas to mold, shape, and create the event that exists in your mind.

If that’s too much space for what you have in mind, you also have the ability to divide the room into sections as well. Maybe you picture a few different looks and feels. We can make that happen with dividers, versatile screens, and lights. Color wash the walls, drape greenery or fabric to create a softer feel and make the room feel cozy.

We are aware that food can make or break an event, and our space is set up to help fulfill your menu ideas. If food plays into your plans, we’ve got you covered with a kitchen that is conveniently located in the facility so your caterers can serve you and your guests with ease. With established connections in the catering industry, we can point you in the direction of a caterer that makes delicious food for your special occasion but is familiar with our setup as well.

A ballroom like no other

One of the distinguishing features of our unique ballroom is the 360 degrees of crystal-clear screens that can help completely transform the space into whatever it is you want it to be. Slide shows are a great touch when it comes to certain events, but what about sharing movement with a video? Our screens can totally transform the look and feel of an entire event, and make your guests feel like they are in an alternate reality instead of a ballroom.

Color-washed walls and solid color flooring, (no carpet) mean that you can truly transform the space to make your event perfect. Combine that with the high ceilings and you’ll really start to believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to your special occasion.

That’s not possible in those hotel or country club ballrooms that often come to mind when you hear the word.

Whether you’re looking to hold a 1,200-person reception, an 850-person theatre show, or a 650-person banquet, look no further than the International Ballroom at the Infinity Park Event Center.

We’re not familiar with what an average ballroom event looks like because we are simply not average.

Discover the Infinite Wedding Reception Possibilities at the Infinity Park Event Center

It's less expensive Than you Might Think

Wedding Reception Package

Discover the Infinite Wedding Recepetion Possibilities at the Infinity Park Event Center

It's less expensive Than you Might Think

Wedding Reception Package

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