How to Plan the Best Audio and Visual Experience for your Event

When it comes to planning your event or conference, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to providing the best audio/visual experience for the audience.
Live event

“Audience, venue space, the program and goals of the event are all huge considerations,” Infinity Park Event Center’s, Director of Production Aaron Martinson said of the decisions that clients must make regarding audio and visual options. “Whether you are planning a corporate event, a concert, a fundraiser, or a combination, the cost changes based on needs. Choosing the right venue and production package can make all the difference in how your event looks to attendees.”

Here are the top five recommended considerations when it comes to planning a great event that covers all of the bases for a good multimedia experience that your guests will appreciate.

1. At the very beginning of the event planning process ask a lot of questions.

  • Who makes the decisions? Consider a committee of people with different backgrounds and experiences. It will be a big benefit to add someone with experience in the event industry.
  • Consider the goals for the event. Are you fundraising, providing a conference with speakers, or having a party?
  • What is the budget?

With those questions answered it will be easier to proceed and explore venue and vendor options.

2. You have event goals. Look for a place that can accommodate your needs. Ask these questions: 

Virtual streaming event
  • Will the space work for the multimedia plan you have in mind? 
  • What amenities are offered? 
  • Does the venue have an in-house production staff? 
  • What will you need to rent? 
  • Do you have the bandwidth and staff to prepare graphics and video for your meeting requirements or will you need to reach out to a video/graphics production company?

3. Speaking of bandwidth, how much do you need?

Camera for a virtual event
  • What are the technical requirements for the event?
  • Will you need video screens, an audio system, a lighting system, live camera, or streaming for an online audience?
  • Does the event space offer WIFI?

4. Consider the ambiance of your event. Tie the décor in with your audio/visual experience.

Quinceañera Celebration
  • Will you need specialty lighting, will you have any special features like dancers or musicians?
  • Think about how the room will look when your guests are gathered. Do you want the environment to feel warm and friendly or are you going for a more serious or corporate feel?
  • Make sure to consider when you are serving food, it is hard to raise funds when people are eating. Maybe a little entertainment to help them consider giving?

5. Last but not least – enjoy the process.

Plan for changes. It is good to be nimble and willing to pivot if you need to. If you decide to add something at the last minute you just might need to plan more budget or find additional sponsorship to cover costs.

Even though things are still springing back to life in the event industry, costs have changed for venues, just like everything else right now.

Planning an event can be fun if you enjoy thinking about your audience and the experience you are providing for them it helps with choices and considerations. Infinity Park Event Center has multiple options for any type of event. We work hard to make any event that we host the most memorable audio-visual experience.

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