Experience Infinity: Immerse Your Sponsors at Infinity Park Event Center

A few times a year, Infinity Park Event Center has the opportunity to participate in sponsorship events with clients and vendors within the industry. This year, the Event Center will host three sponsorship events for industry professionals and partners. The first occasion for the year occurred on March 12, 2024, for MiHi Entertainment’s 2024 Feel Famous event. 
A vibrant lounge with neon lighting and a "feel famous" projection on the wall at Infinity Park Event Center

The Feel Famous event is a great example of the capabilities Infinity Park Event Center has to offer regarding vendor relationships, along with the physical possibilities in the room. The theme was Mansion on the Moon, allowing for impressive creativity with audio-visual elements, entertainment, décor, and catering. Infinity Park Event Center hosts various events in the International Ballroom, yet the MiHi Entertainment event was out of this world. Take a look below to see some examples of the lighting elements, custom design furniture, hanging greenery, and photo booth activations. 

Colorful lounge area with vibrant led floor lighting and a modern bar setup at Infinity Park Event Center

There were ample vendors present during the event, as well as participating in the sponsorship element. To be exact, there were 20 vendors assisting in making the event a possibility. These vendors played a significant role in attracting various clients, enacting creative visions, and partnering together to achieve a successful guest experience. To name a few (all of them), the vendors that were sponsoring the Feel Famous event were: Infinity Park Event Center, All Digital Photo & Video, AstroTours.org, Balloon Labs, Bear Aesthetic, Colorado Lighting and Events, Dancin’ Shoes DJ, Darrel Dewitt, Deven Collins, Elite Entertainment, Event Rents, Extreme Strings Electric Violin, Footers, KaraKara Blooms, Occasionally Fabulous & Planning Diva, Paul Borillo, Scentex, Southern Gourmet, The TEAMBuilding Company, and Interaction Denver. It is a privilege to unite forces with some of the best vendors in the industry.

A vibrant nightclub interior with neon lights, modern furniture, and tropical foliage decorations at Infinity Park Event Center

Another benefit to sponsorships and partnerships with additional vendors, is that the Event Center can push the envelope with its boundaries and abilities. This was the first event of its kind at the venue, utilizing specialty rigging for aerialists, hanging greenery, and a 25-pound balloon. Additionally, the event featured a specialty bar arrangement, an LED dance floor, customized drink logos, 15 photo booth stations, towering balloon arches standing at 10 feet tall, neon lighting, and a variety of other highlights!

An expansive, dimly lit event space with vibrant purple and blue lighting, featuring a central bar area and scattered seating arrangements at Infinity Park Event Center

MiHi Entertainment serves as a valued partner of Infinity Park Event Center, with clients leveraging their photo booth services at multiple events held at the venue each year. Within the event industry, fostering collaborations with vendors, venues, and planners is essential for sustaining business and nurturing enduring relationships. 2024 Feel Famous: Mansion on the Moon is just one example of the amazing opportunities available at Infinity Park Event Center. Bring your dreams to life and book the International Ballroom now!

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