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At Infinity Park Event Center we pride ourselves on successful events for both host and attendees alike. Every event serves a unique purpose and has special and distinct event video, lighting and audio needs. Through the event production capabilities at Infinity Park, these needs are met with carefully crafted design where the desired goal and atmosphere are achieved, and experienced, and ultimately leave a lasting impression.

A Kaiser Permanente Town Hall was one of the latest successful events at Infinity Park Event Center. Highlighting the message “Getting IT Done,” the custom built show production offered a grand canvas from which to communicate, inspire and entertain both event attendees as well as those that tuned in to a live feed over a web stream.

This overview time-lapse video showcases how color, graphics, lighting and video can transform a space into a powerful tool by which an event can reach its goals and achieve its purpose. The details make it special and when those come together it creates moments worth remembering.

Production List for the Kaiser Permanente Town Hall:

Video Production:

  • Five camera studio setup with two robotic cameras
  • Linked PowerPoint for main screens, downstage monitors, and producer monitors
  • Full producer control room for Kaiser Permanente staff to monitor show
  • Two full video switches – One full 1080p HD online streaming through Cisco and one separate video switch for live in-room camera
  • Pip, camera, videos and PowerPoint all pushed to stream
  • Spyder x20 video mapping of 13 projectors for side walls and main screen
  • Five individual isolation records, one switcher program record, one stream record, and one audio only stream and record
  • Video playback of 10 videos from Playback Pro
  • Lower thirds pushed to switcher
  • Seven source computers used to push graphics, PowerPoint and videos
  • Digital Signage throughout the building

Audio Production:

  • 14 wireless microphones. 10 Dual ear DPA headsets, and four handheld microphones
  • On-stage audio talk back monitor
  • Walk up, walk-off and all background music
  • Voice of God announcements – record and playback
  • Audio announcements throughout the building

Lighting Production:

  • Full room wash with led lighting
  • Stage wash with Conventional Lighting
  • Moving spot lights for audience Q&A
  • Color transitions for each section of show

Photos by Seth McConnell

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