Ho, Ho, Ho! Are Holiday Parties Back?

Are holiday parties back? At Infinity Park Event Center we can help you host both in-person and virutal parties to celebrate the end of 2021 and finally welcome in 2022.

We all thought that 2020 was the year that we all needed a break from, but to be honest it looks like 2021 could be in that category too. Here in Colorado we have a pretty good vaccination rate but there are still many companies who are working virtually to ensure that the workforce is content and safe until things are better.

Holiday Showcase Party

Where does that put you in terms of a company holiday party? While we are all for in-person parties, we know some companies and employees will want to be virtual. 

At Infinity Park Event Center we can help you host both types of parties to celebrate the end of 2021 and finally welcome in 2022.

Our spacious ballroom could be the perfect place for your company when considering an in-person event. With 360-degree screens you can create any party ambiance that you would like. Visually invite your guest to experience a winter wonderland complete with falling snow (on the screens) and cozy outdoor activities, we have a rentable ice-skating rink, and how about a toasted s’more dessert? Dance to a silent disco to holiday tunes or your own favorite beat.

Holiday Party At The Infinity Park Event Center Ballroom

Virtually we can help connect your team with a great space for hosting a drink mixing session or gingerbread house building contest. Send your team the ingredients ahead of time and video hosts can lead the activities virtually. 

There are three things to remember this year when it comes to holiday parties: Comfort, Compatibility and Compassion.

The Foyer At Infinity Park Event Center

Comfort: The old office party isn’t what it used to be. Provide activities that are comfortable for all. Whether you are an office of extraverts or introverts, giving people options so that they are comfortable is key. How about a hybrid party? Host those who want to be in-person but allow others to Zoom in and participate as well. A trivia night with teams from those on site and virtual participants will get team spirit going and make the holidays bright. A classic holiday gift swap or fund drive for a charity is another fun way to share the holiday with others.

Compatibility: Some employees will love getting together and doing a team building activity. There is plenty of space at our facility to host a holiday scavenger hunt or enjoy a classic holiday movie on our big screens with friends and co-workers. For something more energetic maybe a wine tasting or gift-wrapping relay contest could liven things up? 

Compassion: No matter what you decide to celebrate with your co-workers, remember that it’s been a minute since everyone has been together. A recent event held here handed out green, yellow, and red wrist bands. Green meant “go ahead and give me a hug”, yellow “for let’s talk first and we’ll see,” and red “not ready for physical touching yet.” Meet people where they are, know that we have all experienced a lot of change and isolation in the past year.

Well, let’s just add one more “C” for Celebrate! With all holiday events it’s great to look back and reflect on the year that was. Take the time to acknowledge and bring joy to your organization. We are ready to bring back the Ho, Ho, Ho to your holiday event at Infinity Park Event Center.  

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