Ahead of the Curve: Event Center Tech Transforming Events

As soon as one steps foot inside the Infinity Park Event Center International Ballroom, the most common and immediate reaction is a simple yet powerful "wow."

This expression of awe serves as a testament to the extraordinary features of the space, including the stunning, surround screens that envelop you from every angle. The panoramic display provides an immersive experience for guests while allowing event planners to manipulate the atmosphere and ambiance of the space with precision.

For 15 years, the Event Center’s ballroom has been setting the standard for exceptional event experiences, from fashion shows and proms to corporate gatherings and fundraisers. This can be attributed to the venue’s unparalleled technology and the talented individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the magic to life. It is this combination that has propelled Infinity Park to its position as a true pioneer in delivering memorable events.

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Director of Production Aaron Martinson and Technical Producer Travis Moore form a dynamic duo that is responsible for overseeing the entire production within the ballroom at the Infinity Park Event Center. The ballroom boasts a staggering 3,430 square feet of blended projected screen space, featuring over 20 million pixels powered by 13 cutting-edge projectors. 

“The ballroom is essentially a blank canvas for whatever your imagination can dream up,” Martinson said. “The screens are undeniably the defining feature of the Event Center. Our creative team works closely with each client to guide them down the path of bringing their show to life.”

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“Our screen size and pixel dimension are pushing the limits of technology because they’re bigger than 4K,” Moore explained. “If we put 4K videos on the screens, we would need to stretch that image to fit the canvas. Right now, we are at the leading edge of technology.”

That is precisely what Mayor Mike Dunafon had envisioned many years ago when he sought to create a unique event space in Glendale that would distinguish itself from the rest. Dunafon actively engaged in the process of sourcing vendors to provide cutting-edge technology for the Infinity Park Event Center. 

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“The mayor has been a huge supporter, bringing in new generations of equipment, software, and hardware to continually enhance what we have here,” General Manager of Infinity Park Event Center Bobbi Reed said.

Although the Event Center ballroom is already an incredibly unique and visually stunning setup, the work to enhance it further is far from over. Martinson said that the goal is to extend the screens into a fully blended, complete surrounding experience. This ambition is driven by a commitment to continually push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of event technology, aligning with Infinity Park Event Center’s mission.

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